Can I send you our songs/demo CD to listen to?

That depends on a few things really. I do not accept physical demos but please feel free to email me links to your songs online (only AFTER you have read this page though).

I will listen to your songs when I can, but if I do not reply then it does not mean I didn’t like your music, it is just that I get a lot of requests like this and cannot reply to everyone. If I think I can help, then I will be in touch.

It is important that I can read your lyrics, so please make sure I am able to get a sense of what your band is all about.

Will you release our record?

I am only planning to release a maximum of two records per year and am only one person, so I cannot help everyone. However, if you are an active band, and you have good politics (i.e. anti-racist, anti-fascist etc.), then please email and let me know more about your music and your lyrics etc.

Your bands’ lyrics themselves do not have to be political, but if your members are indifferent to politics, or your members do not oppose fascism, racism, sexism, and homophobia then do not even bother contacting me. I have no time for people that tolerate these attitudes, and especially no time for those that express them.

Are you interested in collaborating with other like-minded DIY labels to release records?

Yes indeed! Please get in touch. I think collaborative releases make the most sense.

Are you interested in trading records with other like-minded DIY labels?

Yes. Please get in touch.

Will you help us with a gig?

I will try to start putting on a handful of DIY gigs in Birmingham per year, so I will try and help if I can. If I can’t help, then I will try and suggest others that may be able to. Again, if I do not reply then please do not take it personally, it will just be that I am busy or have had a lot of emails.

My gigs are put on at small venues, run by honest people, so please do not expect the world. Bands that are touring can expect some food, some free beers, and to get paid as well as the door take allows. It is all DIY and all profits go to the band, but I cannot help bands that want a small fortune and expect a massive rider ;)

I emailed you but have not heard back, why have you not replied?

I’m really sorry about that. I have not ignored you on purpose, it is just that I have not had time, or I have received too many to get through recently. I may only be a very small DIY label but I often get more emails than I can get through. I wish I had the time to reply to everyone, but I work full-time, study part-time, and play in my own bands, so it’s hard to fit everything in :)

Where do you get your CDs/records pressed/manufactured?

Below are links to the companies I have used in the past or am currently working with:

CDs and vinyl – http://www.breedmedia.co.uk/

CDs and vinyl – http://www.keyproduction.co.uk/

CDs and vinyl – http://www.agrm.co.uk/

CDs and vinyl – http://www.discmanufacturingservices.com/

Short runs of CDs – http://www.pure-music.co.uk/